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Just outside the Charing Cross Guest House lies the real beauty of Scotland. This area is rich in history, with each local towns and villages having its own fascinating tale to tell. Night owls meanwhile can groove the small hours away at a host of club venues. Glasgow has a reputation of providing wonderful experience to its visitors, whether they seek entertainment, culture, shopping, relaxation, good food or drink. Demand any of these, or more, and Glasgow is the place for you!

Over 2 million tourists visit the city each year to enjoy the beauty that Glasgow has to offer, including internationally renowned art galleries and museums. Glasgow holds more than 70 parks and gardens. That where the Gaelic translation of Glasgow comes from which means “dear green place.” If you enjoy the performing arts Glasgow is home to Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.
School of Art
St Mungo Museum
With over 800 bars and pubs to choose from and an endless selection of With over 800 bars and pubs to choose from and an endless selection of nightclubs, weekend revelers simply flock to Glasgow. Culture lovers can soak up the atmosphere from the numerous festivals and live gigs throughout the year, including Celtic Connections in January, the Glasgow International Jazz Festival that takes place every June/July, the West End Festival in August and many, many more. If you enjoy sightseeing or visiting the many attractions that a major city provides, there are many ways to enjoy the best view of Glasgow. Bus tours, train, subway and even boat trips are available for your pleasure and convenience. You have the entire city to explore and every corner stores something interesting to amuse you.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
Kelvingrove is a beautiful museum in the West End of Glasgow. The museum is housed in a wonderful 19th Century Victorian building. You can visit the museum to witness some of the marvelous artifacts made by the artists from all over the world. Some awe-inspiring artifacts, brilliantly collected are sure to take your breath away. The museum boasts of having 22 themed galleries comprising of nearly 8000 splendiferous creations to impress the visitors of all ages. Entry to the museum is free of costs.

St Andrew’s Cathedral
St Andrews Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church that has been renovated recently to restore the aesthetic beauty. The church was built in 1814. Visitors can visit this great church and feel inspired viewing the gothic finery of Cathedral. You will be awe-inspired viewing the multiple pieces of religious art. What generally grabs the eyeball of all is the splendiferous architecture symbolizing traditional grandeur and historical luminosity.

Glasgow Science Centre
You can indeed make an interesting and vibrant visit to the Glasgow Science centre and learn about the technological progression that the scientist of this particular country are carrying out. It doesn’t really matter if you are a novice or a complete expert in science, you are sure to enjoy your time. Some of the scientific approaches which you are sure to love are by sitting in a chair which will make you shrink or simply make you a giant walking past the door. Finally, lie back and chill in the planetarium and witness all the galaxies gain luminance in the night sky. This science museum is something which will make your visit memorable.

The Corinthian Club
The Corinthian is a leading bar & dining facility that is sure to take your breath away. The building itself was a traditional Glasgow ship bank which was later transformed into a court building in 1929. The building with its awe-inspiring interiors will not only live up but exceed your expectations. The ornately decorated Victorian interiors well complemented with lip smacking food and great cocktail is sure to make your soul joyous. You can try your luck in the casino or dance all night in the nightclub.

The Tenement House
The Tenement House provides a rare glimpse into the lifestyle at Glasgow in the early 20th century, in the faithfully restored four-room house lived in by Miss Agnes Toward for over half a century.

See what it meant to be an ‘independent woman’ in the first half of the 20th century; experience how ordinary folk lived, and appreciate how many of the household amenities we now take for granted were considered luxuries less than a century ago.

Authentic gas lighting has been installed to recreate the atmosphere of the house, which didn’t have electric lighting until 1960.